Belonging. The power within is a film about people. People who just so happen to be trade unionists. We shall look through their eyes at the role of unions in leading us out of foodbank Britain - by rebuilding communities and giving a voice to people, in and out of work, devastated by economic polices.

Foodbank Britain

Last year almost a million people used foodbanks in Britain, a massive increase on the year before (in a country that is the sixth largest economy in the world). At the same time the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger and increasing numbers of young people face an uncertain future without hope of employment. More working people each year need state benefits because their wages are just too low to meet their basic needs and the long-term unemployed face a kind of slavery in form of the government’s‘Help to Work’ programme.

Effective Voice

We want to show that unions are as important and as necessary now as they have ever been, particularly in helping people find an effective voice. We shall dispel the stereotype of union members as white working class men and instead show a diverse mix of people. We shall show how union members are just people holding values of community, unity, worth and solidarity, all wanting a better life for themselves and their children, and believing this can be achieved by harnessing the power of belonging.


We already have substantial (non-financial) support for the film among Unions, in particular Unite, the largest trade union in Britain and Ireland. Through our contacts across the union movement we have access to the amazing people and stories that will form the heart of the film.

The union movement is a powerful support network and we hope ordinary union members will back the film so that we can tell their story. If you are unable to pledge financial support on Kickstarter we hope you will still be able to help promote Belonging through your social media channels. Word of mouth is crucial in the success of any crowd funding project. Please If you want more information on the themes of the film and what it means to belong, click here. 


We have a variety of rewards for our backers – and we believe our backers will find their reward in belonging to Belonging – to be part of telling an important story of the crucial role of the unions in foodbank Britain. By backing Belonging you will be helping to give a voice to the people who belong to unions, just as the unions give a voice to their members.

Please back Belonging to make sure this film is made.