Once you have - It's a question we get asked a lot - especially as the edit is finished, and we are so excited about what is in the film.

The only thing stopping the film going out is (isn't it always) money to pay for some archive footage and photographs and have a legal review - as is right and proper.

We have managed to pay for about 30% of the archvie already, with amazing support so far from many.

We hate to ask especially as so many have supported us - but we have paid Trade Union Rates and at the moment this is the only way we can see to get this film out there so the public can view it. So, if you think you would like to support our documentary, please donate any amount you can manage. We will be forever grateful!

We will add your name, or your trade union branch in the credits you can join many others here: Support Belonging Film  or visit our Store and buy some things.

After three years of believing in this film enough to make it on a shoestring, we will never give up at this point. We believe in this film.  Those who have had a sneak preview - love the film and many say it is "gripping" think it will make change. We will make sure you, and the wider public get to see it.


We're asking for money to pay for unavoidable post-production costs - archive images and footage, and an original soundtrack. We managed to complete filming thanks to kind donations from those here  and we just need one last push to complete the documentary and get it out there.
So what does it take to make an independent documentary?

A documentary film with the archive we have takes £150K - £200K to make, particularly when it includes archive footage and effective distribution. We have raised over half of this so far, and so determined is our Director, Morag Livingstone to get this film completed and shown, most of her time has thus far has been provided for on an expenses only basis. 

Donate via cheque

If you are a Union branch or community group and wish to send us a cheque please send with a note letting us know full details of the branch or group, for the receipt .

All cheques should be made payable to: Livingstone Media Limited and sent to: Belonging Film, 126 Havelock Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8HB.

Donate via BACS

You can donate via BACS, please contact us on for details.

Donate via PayPal

Donation to Belonging Film. You don't need to open a PayPal account - just use a credit or debit card.