Do you want to grab the chance to belong? 

Real People. Real Stories. Real Change.  


 “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of those acts will be written the history of this generation”  

Robert F. Kennedy

Belong and help make real change?




Thank you. We just love it that you have clicked onto this page and want to belong too.  The stories of people who are on the front line on the trade union movement are important, because there are some  good and inspirational things that people are doing to get away from the bad stuff.  These are stories that we would love to tell. So, how can you belong?

If you have some spare cash you can swap it for some pretty cool stuff here:  Kickstarter

If you don't have spare cash you can swap your time and tell your contacts so don't worry if you have no spare cash right now - you wont miss out ... we have a cunning plan:

  • If you can tell some (hopefully lots) of people about the film, ask them to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or just tell a mate then this spreads the word. 
  • If 4 or more people you know pledge then they need to individually email us and include:
    1. the code: 'B4US' 
    2. your name and email address
    3. their pledge amount, and  
    4. the date they pledged.
  • once we have confirmed their pledge - your name will be added to the Pledgers' Wall; and
  • if one or all of your contacts pledges more than £250 and emails us as above ... then your name will appear on not only the Pledgers' Wall and also be credited on the film AND we shall send you a store card of no less than £10 for a supermarket of your choice ... and announce your fabulous support on twitter so not only will you help Belonging, but no one need know you're a bit short right now.

So, once we have raised it:  What will we do with all that money? 

We will spend it wisely on the film production, editing, and distribution and have an accountant who will verify our spending.  There is some more about the funding, and key milestones here. Also, keep an eye on our tweets and daily facebook messages to see how your help is adding up!