The current list of community screenings of 'Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines' can be found here:

If you would like to orgainise your own public community screening then we are happy to help  - Just drop us an email: with the below information and for a one-off public screening license of £108 (£90 plus VAT) you will receive:

1.  DVD of the feature documentary Belonging The Truth Behind the Headlines
2.  Film Poster and PDF of poster for marketing
3.  One off public screening license

How to order the film for a public community screening:
1.  Name and address to send DVD to
2.  Details of person or community group / branch responsible for the screening
3.  Invoice address - online and cheque payment available
4.  If a public screening:  date of screening and location so this can be added to Belonging4us.com screenings page and will help us help you raise awareness of your local public screening. 

Please note: If you are one of our amazing funders we will be contacting you (if we haven't already) to let you know how to watch the film and hold a community screening.  Certain groups are eligible for a discount, we shall be able to identify you via the name of the community group / branch.

The film shall be available for community screenings starting frommid July.


We expect the DVD to be on release following cinematic screenings - so July/August.  You can pre-order the DVD here:  Store

We shall keep you updated as to DVD release date!