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Review: Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners: LGSM2014

It says a lot about Belonging that it opens with the following quotation from Edmund Burke: ‘The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.'

This is a powerful and much needed documentary that details disputes of three companies: Murdoch at Wapping in 1986; The Royal Mail privatisation in 2007 and the Ineos dispute at the Grangemouth refinery in 2013. Watching Belonging helps to clarify how neo-liberalism works and reinforces the lengths to which ruthless and unscrupulous employers will go to gain rewards for themselves and their shareholders at the expense of their employees. 

We learn that in Grangemouth, during the years it was run by BP (a state-owned asset), there was a spirit of community and camaraderie, there was just treatment of the workforce and management and unions worked collaboratively for the greater good of all. This consensus was deliberately broken down to create greater profits and shareholder return by creating a more compliant workforce through fear and deception, by changing the workplace culture from collectivism to individualism, for example by introducing personal contracts of employment. There are extensive interviews with Steve Deans who was victimised at Grangemouth (falsely accused of vote rigging) and vilified mercilessly by the tabloids. Solidarity greetings to Steve and family, big time!

Similar stories unfold in the interviews with workers from the Royal Mail privatisation fiasco and with what happened at Wapping between Murdoch and the print workers. 

It shows us how the media moguls distort what is really going on by vilifying the unions. It also shows how the police / state time and again side with the employer. Many of these revelations are seen for the first time through the documentaries extensive use of scouring through declassified government papers and the use of the Freedom of Information Act.

It is a documentary that, for me, will sit beside Still The Enemy Within and the Battle For Orgreave as an additional example of the destructiveness and violence of the capitalist system. The 0.1% are now richer that they have ever been. That wealth means power, not just money. That quote from Edmund Burke is so very true!  Mike Jackson, Secretary LGSM2014

Pride Film: The extraordinary and uplifting true story during the Miners strike


★★★★☆THIS passionate, pertinent and impressively thorough documentary from debut director Morag Livingstone takes a comprehensive look at the events that surrounded three industrial disputes. They involve three decades and three governments, but share a common thread of a threat to collectivism, democracy and sense of belonging, within trade unions in particular and the UK population as a whole.directed by Morag Livingstone in her first feature-length documentary, shines a spotlight on three different industrial disputes over three decades, and how the media, government and big business colluded to suppress human rights and democracy … MORE Ross Miller: Scottish National Newspaper Film Critic.

★★★☆☆  MIRO MAGAZINE  A broad and objective look at one of the UK’s most controversial questions, namely, where the true seat of power really lies in the UK ... ultimately it is an incredibly revealing watch. As we head closer and closer to the privatisation of services we can’t help but take for granted in the UK, it’s valuable to be equipped with as much information as possible and to take some inspiring advice from those that have actually made a difference.  Full Review

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"At last a voice for the workers. This film is a bold passionate story that stands up for Trade Unions and their members and reminds us all of the importance of solidarity"  Lord Tom Sawyer

REVIEW BECTU: "Why Belonging is such an important film ... The film works on many levels – providing evidence of a concerted effort to destroy the power of unions, telling the stories of individuals caught in the crossfire and showing how trade unions provide the sense of community and “belonging” of the title. It explores ... MORE

MEDIA: UNION NEWS "We have a real problem with a rogue trade unionist at Grangemouth who nearly brought the Scottish petrochemical Industry to its knees”.  It’s four years since David Cameron ... MORE

MEDIA: Review and Interview by Hajera Blagg, of UniteLive: The power of belonging:

Must-see film for trade unionists. Belonging: the Truth Behind the Headlines is an explosive new documentary investigating where real power lies in this country – and never has a release been more timely than now.  More...

Conspiracy theory is Conspiracy fact: Interview with Director Morag Livingstone 

Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines is a new documentary by Morag Livingstone. Initially inspired by the 2013 dispute at Grangemouth oil refinery and its media coverage and political response, the final film also addresses Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of the Times and Sunday Times and subsequent protests by the papers’ printing staff in 1986, and the strike which followed the sacking in 2007 of twelve workers at Burslem postal depot. What emerges More ...

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"Belonging shines a spot light on three British industrial disputes, and shows how corporations, Government and media have colluded against organised labour. Belonging manages to show the true face of trade unionists one that is often distorted and vilified in the mainstream media something that people in the ex coalfields will instantly recognise from the horrendous reporting of the 84 / 85 strike which can be summed up with the infamous "enemy within quote". A must watch!"

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

"Never has a release been more timely"  Unite the Union  Full review and interview with Investigative Journalist and Director Morag Livingstone

"An extraordinary piece of work. We all suspect on the left that there is this three-sided conspiracy going on, but to see it laid bare with such precise intelligence ..." Susan Bennett Feature Drama Writer

"Brilliant film/documentary fabulously hard hitting & honest"   Jonathan Blake LGSM2014

"Belonging' is brave, uncompromising and highly personal film. It delves into areas that are all too rarely exposed by the media and offers some disturbing and thought-provoking views on the balance of power and the recent social history of the United Kingdom"  Nick Freand Jones, producer and director.

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"Profoundly important ... not just UK, but for the world"

"Incredible people [in the film] ...deserve the truth to be heard"