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Supporters and Celebrities that back Belonging Film! 

All of our amazing funders and supporters are helping to make this film happen, names below!  

We are also delighted to have celebrity support from:  Michael Sheen OBE (Actor),  Joy Blakeman (Actor),  Amy Lamé (Comedian and Commentator), Mark Benton  (Actor) Steve Brookstein (Singer),   Eileen Hunter (Jazz Singer),  Helen Blakeman (Writer),  Lord Tom Sawyer (Peer),  Sir Gordon Taylor (Professional Footballers Association),  OneTenTwelve (Musicians), The Artist Taxi Driver (Commentator and Artist).

    Note: we are constantly updating this page. If your name or branch does not appear, or is wrongly spelt and you have donated, please contact us here with details (note: the supporters and participants list is being updated next week, so please check back then, or send us an email as well): 

    We could not do this without you ... we send a sincere thank you to all of you who have pledged money and time:

    Henrik Andersen

    Lauren Beckett

    BASSA: British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association


    Anne Barber

    Lauren Beckett

    Norma Blakeman

    Dominic Boyle

    Cath Booth

    Steve Boucher

    Bridgewater Trades Union Council (TUC)

    Clare S Brindley

    M Clarke

    David Cribbs

    Communications Workers Union (CWU) Head Office

    CWU Bristol & District

    CWU Eastern No. 5

    CWUMidlands No. 7

    Karen Davis

    Ged Dempsey

    June Dickinson

    Mrs Olwyn Emery

    Virginia Fassnidge 

    Fire Brigade Union (FBU)

    FBU East Anglia Region 9

    GMB Unite M23 Branch

    Lynn Gray

    Steve Greenfell

    Liane Groves

    Barbara Gunn

    Colin Hewson

    Duncan Higgitt

    Janet Holdsworth

    Nicola Holmes

    Stephen Horan

    Bill Hoyland

    Lisa Ingham

    Inspired Film & Video

    Carole Morgan Jones

    Nick Hay

    Mike Kear


    Chris Leslie

    J Lewis

    Phil LG

    Dr Begum Maitra

    John McCarthy

    Helen McGowan

    Sheena Milne

    Rodney Moore

    North Staffs Miners Wives Action Group

    Chris Parkinson

    Seema Patel

    Ian Patterson

    Mick Penkethman

    Maxine Penkethman

    Cheryl Pidgeon

    Simon Pollentine

    Stokey Blokey

    Professional Footballers Association (PFA)

    Marc Ralph

    Joe Rollin

    Ruth Rollin

    Jane Ross

    Joy & Rob Sansom

    Martin Scanlon

    Michael Sheen

    Matt Smith

    Eddie Soye

    Callum Stanland

    Mark Ralph

    RMT Union

    Gareth Thomas

    Helen Thornton

    James Tickel

    Kelly Tomlinson

    Lynn Turley

    Unison Knowsley Branch

    Rachel Walker

    Tim Woodason

    Anthony Woolfe

    Jenny Woolfe

     Red Tattoo and Piercing, Leeds,

     ...and of course let us not forget those who have pledged but wish to maintain their privacy. We have 5 anonymous individuals, all of whom are private donors.

    Which we both respect and thank you for your kindness and generosity.

    Trade Unions

    In the interest of transparency, trade union funding as at May 2017 is 28%. 

    The director has complete editorial control.


    Director:  Morag Livingstone

    Executive Producer: Morag Livingstone

    Thank you to the following behind the scenes and on the scenes people, without whom this film could not be made. If your name or branch does not appear, it shall later this week! or send us an


    Thank you to all our supporters, who have been amazing, but we do still need more to finish the film and get it distributed.If you want to help make Belonging Film and tell the truth behinid the headlines, you can add your name to this wall and to support this important film:

    Details of how to donate are found here, and if you dont want your name to appear on the wall, just let us know:

    Unite the Union East Midlands Region

    Unite the Union North East, Yorkshire & Humberside Region

    Unite Head Office

    Unite the Union, Ireland

    Unite the Union, Scotland

    Unite the Union South East Regional Centre,

    London & Eastern Region, Unite the Union

    North West Region

    South West Regional Office

    Unite the Union, GPM Sector

    Unite the Union, Wales

    Unite the Union Branches:

    Branch SW/8001 Filton Aerospace & Support Staff

    ABMU LHB WAB 2082 Branch

    Amicus Branch

    Bedford Branch 1647

    Bristol SW/8238

    Central Lancs Branch NW17

    Cardiff and Vale Health Service Branch 0262

    Cardiff Manufacturing Branch WA/B1047

    Unite Community Stoke On Trent

    Coleraine University Branch NI/B3000

    Coleraine Branch NI/B3002

    Coventry & Warwickshire Local Tom Mann Branch WM6050

    Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire
    Finance Branch EM/DE17 

    EM/DE58 Derbyshire South Branch

    East Midlands/DE24 Ferodo

    Employee Representatives Committee Leyland trucks

    Flyde Coast Branch

    Glasgow Branch SC/164/403

    Grangemouth Branch SC126

    GPM & IT Glasgow & Lanarkshire Branch

    GPM & IT National Publishing & Media Branch  LE/7064E

    GPMU Unite Greater London Region RMA

    Greater Manchester Social Action Branch NW389

    Hinkley Point B

    Hull NE/GEO/25/Branch

    JLR Solihull Branch WM7686

    Laggan Tormore Construction S/C 156
    Accommodation Facility

    Leeds Branch University NE/410/3

    London Finance and Legal Services Branch LE0480

    Newark Central Branch EM1830

    Newry Industrial Branch NI-B0007

    Norfolk Service & General Industries
    LE/1880 Branch

    North East, Yorkshire & Humberside Branch

    Notts Retired Members EM

    WM/7072 PSA Peugeot Citron

    Perth Branch SC/164/404

    Polestar (Sheffield) Unite GPM Chapel Workplace Branch NE 406/9

    Portsmouth General Branch SE6240

    All Rolls Royce Branches, Unite the Union

    Rolls Royce Staff, Derby, Unite the Union 

    Rolls Royce Controls & Data Services WM/7272

    Scunthorpe Steelworks Branch NE/205/3 Metals Inc. Foundry Sector

    Solent Finance & Legal Branch

    Slough 6235

    Surrey Insurance SE/6152

    Taunton RTC&LRD Branch SW/011300

    Teeside Geographical Branch

    West Yorkshire Retail Logistics, RTC Branch 300/21

    Unite the Union 1647 Branch

    Weston-Super-Mare Rolls Royce

    Yeovil Branch SW/8007

    Filming England:

    Chris Leslie

    Dean Cox

    Steve Duttine

    Peter Harmer

    Morag Livingstone

    Oggi Tomic

    Joe Sansom

    Jake Saville

    Inspired Media:

    Glyn Chapman

    Adam Georgiou

    Daniel Stubbs

    Ryan Lloyd

    Ed Stone

    James Hart

    Michael McDonald

    Tom Bath - sound

    Nathan Smith – sound

    Timelapse Cortonwood, Yorkshire:    

    One to One Development Trust:

    Dean Hinchliffe

    Judi Alston

    Additional Filming:

    Morag Livingstone

    James Morgan

    Music: OneTenTwelve

    Archive Photographs:

    David Hoffman

    Jason Gold

    Andrew Wiard

    Alan Richardson

    Mark Harvey Courtesy of Unite the Union

    Press Association


    Courtesy of The News International Archive

    Filming Scotland:

    Chris Leslie

    Richard Crawford, Precious Productions

    Archive Footage:

    Rona Livingstone

    R. Maitland Livingstone


    Eileen Hunter

    WordWorks, Imogen Bowen

    Special Advisors:

    Amy Chalfen

    Jonathan Lewis

    Liane Groves

    Rona Livingstone

    Ann Field

    Joy Blakeman

    Katie Pedder

    Online Communications: 

    Joy Sansom

    Alison Scammell

    Archive Footage

    Martin Scanlon courtesy of Unite the Union

    Spectacle: Mark Saunders

    Paul Dawson, courtesy of Paul Dawson

    CWU, courtesy of CWU / Maxine Penkenthman

    Parliamentary Recording Unit

    Staffordshire Film Archive, Ray Johnson, MBE





    This film could not be made without the following giving their time, thoughts and experience. Thank you for everything.

    Paul Dawson

    Stephen Goodison

    Dave Scarrrett

    Mick Gardner

    Mike Harris

    Barry Heath

    Paul Malyan

    Dave Condliffe

    Liane Groves

    Jennie Formby

    Jim Mowatt

    Joe Rollin

    Matt Smith

    Brett Sparkes

    All at Ujima Radio

    All at CWU Midland No. 7 Branch

    Jamie- MaxCaldwell

    David Hopper (RIP)

    Janet Leadbitter

    Gateway Community Foodbank, Barnsley

    Durham Miners Union


    Ann Field

    Paul King

    Frances O'Grady

    Pat Rafferty

    Terry Smith

    Stephen Deans

    Ailis Deans

    Pauline North

    Dick North

    Mick Penkenthman

    Maxine Penkenthman

    Peter Welsh

    Pauline Doyle

    Len McCluskey

    Billy Hayes

    Steve Turner

    Chris Skidmore

    CWU Head Office

    Sophie Kimber, CWU 

    All at the NUM

    Lord Tom Sawyer

    All at Unite the Union particularly, Unite Communications and Unite Community.

    Marx Memorial Library, London

    Former employees of Fleet Street