Three Companies. Three Industrial Disputes. Three Governments.
That turned Britain on an axis. A story of collusion. A story of belonging. The truth behind the headlines.

"Looks Like it's going to be a really important film"  Chunky Mark aka Artist Taxi Driver 28th Feb 2016

"Nothing but good can come from this" Lord Tom Sawyer

Delighted to have celebrity support from:

Michael Sheen OBE (Actor),  Joy Blakeman (Actor),  Amy Lamé (Comedian and Commentator), Mark Benton  (Actor) Steve Brookstien (Singer),   Eileen Hunter (Jazz Singer),  Helen Blakeman (Writer),  Lord Tom Sawyer (Peer),  Sir Gordon Taylor (Professional Footballers Association),  OneTenTwelve (Musicians), The Artist Taxi Driver.

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Belonging Film

Belonging is a story of betrayal, and a story of belonging. A film that turns the industrial history of Britain over the last 30 years, as we have been told it, on its head. We reveal what goes on behind the headlines ... Real Stories Real People

Belonging is in final stages of editing - spit and polish time! We are still looking for £10K of funding support to buy global licenses of some unseen archive so if you want to help finsih this film, and get your name, or your trade union branch in the credits you can join many others here: Support Belonging Film  or visit our Store and buy some things.


Follow business woman Morag Livingstone as she journeys across the UK speaking to those at the heart of three industrial disputes that turned Britain on an axis.  Travel with her as she meets those  betrayed by company and government to devastating consequence, as well as those working to rebuild communities after the loss of industry.

To explore the extent of successive government, business and media collusion, Belonging examines three industrial disputes by telling the real stories behind the headlines of those at the heart of each: News International (1986/7), the Royal Mail (2008) and Ineos, Grangemouth (2013). Morag pieces together the similarities and behind the scenes deals, uncovers forgotten documents that show just how much successive governments collude with business and media - to put company above people, especially when a trade union is involved.

Hear from those who, win or lose, sacrifice everything just to hold on to their jobs, and what it means to have thousands of people stand next to you in the face of government, media and business conspiring to erode, not just the rights of the trade union members, but all of our human rights.  When the dispute ends, governments move on apace, but it is the trade unions that remain, rebuilding, supporting and strengthening the community, building on a sense of belonging.

This is a film that started out as an exploration of what it means to be a trade unionist in today's Britain, and has, in the process, lifted the veil on a history of the UK over the last 30 years, that unless you were witness, you are not meant to know. Belonging Film gives a voice to those witnesses, sometimes heart breaking, sometimes shocking, sometimes funny, this is their story told to the media for the first time.
Belonging Film will not tell you how to think; it will ask you to think again.