This is not a film that will tell you how to think. It is a film that will ask you to think again.

Morag Livingstone has a track record of making change. She is an experienced short film maker, writer, and documentary photographer telling the real stories of real people in order to bring about real change. She is co-author of two best selling books ‘Hackney Child’ and “Tainted Love” both published by Simon & Schuster in 2014, about how being in care is, for those affected, often better than living at home. Hackney Child, a best seller for 5 weeks, was originally self published and is now "required reading” at a number of universities when studying social work. 
Morag has an Honours Degree in Business Studies and a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London University of the Arts, where she is now a tutor and lecturer on multimedia storytelling, and on both the BA and MA courses. When not writing, she makes films across continents that bring stories of poverty, low income and young peoples' mental health to life for the development sector and has been credited with helping change government policy, in Scotland.  Her main focus is to tell the side of a story that is not being discussed in the main stream and let people make up their own minds about what to do next.

"This film is fundamentally a story of how much successive governments, businesses and media collude to their own benefit, and what it means, win or lose, to fight back.

Belonging Film joins the dots over the last 30 years of our industrial history - uncovers some lost documents - and tells a side of history that, unless you lived it, has not been told. This version of our living history shows the extent to which government, business and media work to erode all of our human rights, and what it means, win or lose, to fight back".